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Lion Dance Chiffon Cake (Gift Box)

Lion Dance Chiffon Cake (Gift Box)

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Mango Passioin Fruit Filling, Vanilla Chiffon 
Each individual Lion Dance comes with Cake dome
Gift box of 4 Lion dance

The cake features a light and airy vanilla chiffon base, known for its soft, spongy texture. Layered within this delicate cake is a vibrant and tangy mango passion fruit filling, offering a sweet and slightly tart contrast to the vanilla.

The cake is expertly decorated to resemble a lion dance costume, a symbol often seen in traditional Chinese celebrations. The lion's head is intricately designed, with bright colors and expressive features, capturing the energy and joy of the lion dance. This cake combines the elegance of a chiffon cake with the exotic flavors of mango and passion fruit, all while paying homage to a rich cultural tradition.

Best to serve chilled, store in the fridge and consume within 3 days

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