Special Box Set 8 slices (2 thai tea / 2 thai green tea / 2 thai rose tea / 2 tiramisu) are available for December 1-15 Book Now!

Sawasdee ka🙏

Hello, my name is Kitty, and I am a Thai mother of two boys. I want to introduce one of my favorite Thai dessert, Thai Milk Tea Crepe Cake, to my Singapore family.

Our Handcrafted Thai Tea Crepe Cakes with Thai milk tea sauce (Cha-Yen) are freshly made everyday. The crepe cake consist of 18-20 layers of infused Thai tea.

We only use honest ingredients made with natural dairy products. No gelatin. No preservatives. Let me bring you back to Bangkok 👩🏻‍🍳and Enjoy the crepe cake🧡

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