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Double Chocolate Crepe Cake

6” with Choco Sauce

Double Chocolate crepe cake 6" 🍫with Choco sauce suitable for 6-8 pax

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Discover the Magic of Our Chocolate Crepe Cakes

What sets our chocolate crepe cakes apart is the harmonious blend of flavors and the meticulous attention to detail. Our Double Chocolate crepe cake, adorned with Oreo crumbs, is a delightful masterpiece. It combines the richness of chocolate with the delightful crunch of Oreos, creating a dessert that's both decadent and delicious. We believe that a great chocolate crepe cake doesn't need to be overly sweet to be exceptional, and that's precisely what you'll experience with each slice of our creation. It's a sweet indulgence designed to please every palate, and we can't wait for you to savor it.

Ingredients of Our Chocolate Crepe Cake

All-Purpose Flour Yes
Cocoa Powder Yes
Granulated Sugar Yes
Salt Yes
Eggs Yes
Whole Milk Yes
Unsalted Butter Yes
Vanilla Extract Yes
Heavy Cream Yes
Semisweet Chocolate Yes
Oreo Cookies (optional) Crushed for garnish


In the event the cake is melting please store in the freezer for 2 hours before slicing.

Only quality ingredients and fresh cream are used. No preservatives. No gelatin.

Warning: Temperature sensitive. Please serve chilled. Please consume fresh fruits within 24 hours.

Shelf life : 3 days kept chilled | 5 days kept frozen.

We call this Experience box,

If you don't know which flavour to choose, why not try out our special promotion box. You can DIY to your liking before you buy the whole crepe cake for Celebrations.


OR treat yourself a little better "enjoying your sweets"


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